St. Aldhelm’s has an Adults choir with enthusiastic and loyal members. It meets every Friday for rehearsal in church from 18:00 – 19:15pm.

The choir has been affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music for many years and leads all the music for the main Sunday services and also at special Feast Day services etc..

There are always vacancies for new singers; if you enjoy singing and can spare two or three hours a week why not think about joining the choir?

As for musical ability, if you are a soprano and enjoy singing, don’t worry if you can’t read music terribly well – you may surprise yourself just how quickly you can learn as you go!

If however you sing alto, tenor or bass, you would ideally need to be able to read music to a basic level – don’t be put off if you’re a bit rusty though, it will soon come back to you!!

If you are interested in contributing to the worship at St Aldhelm’s in this way please contact Philip Sandom, via the Parish Office.

The Choir – The Highlights

  • Adults choir with enthusiastic loyal members.
  • Meets every Friday from 18:00 – 19:15
  • Affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music
  • Leads all music for the Sunday services
  • Open to all abilities