Lest We Forget

In common with many parishes across the country, Branksome lost many of its young men during the two World Wars and indeed during more recent conflicts. In remembrance of the sacrifice they made, St Aldhelm`s Church has a fine wooden wall plaque which has been hand painted with these men’s names. These names are shown below with the kind permission of the Church.

“Remember before God’s throne these men of Branksome who died for you and for their country 1914 – 1918”

Walter Frederick Adams
Alexander George Jermyn Alderson
Fred Allen
Henry John Anthony
Ernest Reginald Aston
Alfred N Ayley
Frederick Henry Beckwith
Edgar Hamilton Beech
Albert Thomas Benneton
Claude Trelease Bickel
William Bogart
John Burnham
Sydney Walter Burrell
Albert Calder
Wilfred Chamberlain
Charles William Clark M.M
Harold Stephen Colborne
Charles Cooling
Leonard Augustus Court
Edward William Cuff
Clement John Barnard Cullum
Edwin Cutter
John Henry Dean
Victor Evans
Terence Doyne Finch
Erleigh Footner
Robert Gale
Albert Garland
Alfred Ambrose Gray
Alfred James Green
Theodore Grimshaw
John Henry Hammett
James Henry Harding
William Alfred Herbert
Charles Hope
Albert James Houston
Joseph Hughes
Robert Hutchinson
Fredereick Charles Kellaway
Frederick George Keniston
Robert King
Henry Buchanan Kirk
Bernard David Knight
Francis Courtnay Lambert
Frederick Walter Legg
John Lovegrove
William Forsyth Macandrew
Frank Marler
Hylton Hayward May
Harry Miller
Oliver Miller
Reginald Charles Morgan
Bernard Joseph Morrell
William Antony Morrell
William George Moyle
Charles Otto Newman
William Norton
William Osman
Frederick Charles Pennistone
Charles Henry John Penney
Sydney Herbert Pick
Leonard Rossiter Pool
Herbert Allen Price M.C.
Percy Walter Rendell
George Sedwell M.M.
Reginald Sharp
Fred James Langtry Smith
Frederick Stock
William Walter Carter Strange
Joseph James Sturmey
Bertie John Tapping
Percy Jesse Tapping
Frederick Herman Tate
William Louis Tate
Trevor Tatham
Duncan Collinson Willey Thomas
Henry Stanley Toppin L d’H
Sydney Miles Toppin M.C.
John William Tregillis
Edmund Ernest Trent
George Trickett
Francis Watson
Humphry Wilmot Watson
John Wayman
George Bolton Willis
Kenneth H Woodroffe
Leslie Woodroffe M.C
Sydney C Woodroffe V.C.
Harry Young

“Also for the men who gave their lives in the 1939-1945 War”

Norman Richard Banks
Cyril Batchford
Maurice E Charles Bird
James K Stewart Carlile
Lionel Cooper
Charles Cornish
Terence Davey
Hugh Evans
Edward Everett
Harry Ernest Goom
Peter Hinves
Willam James
George Underhill Jay
Victor Leak
Donald Loader
Ernest Loader
Claude Marvin
Phillip John Melhuish
John Pershouse O’Brien
Howard Paskins
Thomas Pollard
William Savage
Albert Percy Wellstead

and Brian John Short, killed at Suez, 6th November 1956

 The Gas Plaques

Installed within the Church are two bronze plaques which commemorate those killed whilst working at the Bourne Valley Gas Works during the bombing of the 27th March 1941

Their names are remembered every year during the remembrance day service.

Roll of Honour

Allen Sidney James (1884-1941) Aged 57
Bacon Walter Frederick (1889-1941) Aged 52
Badcock Charles Reginald George (1906-1941) Aged 38
Barnes William Martin (1907-1944)
Bartlett (otherwise Ridout) Leonard Reginald (1898-1941) Aged 43
Batchelor Leslie Norman (1927-1941) Aged 14
Brewer Arthur Luke (1895-1941) Aged 46
Cherrett Archibald William (? -1941)
Collins Andrew (1896-1941) Aged 45
Dennett Arthur George (1896-1941) Aged 45
Derryman Leonard George (1898-1941) Aged 43
Edmonds Charles Edward (1878-1941) Aged 63
Graham Frederick George (1908-1941) Aged 33
Hatch Cyril Owen (1922-1941) Aged 19
Heath Ernest Stanley (1895-1941) Aged 46
Horne Frederick Arthur George (1925-1941) Aged 16
House Howard Percy (1877-1941) Aged 63
Hustings Thomas William (1891-1941) Aged 50
Keffen Edward Barrow (1884-1941) Aged 57
Loader Frederick Stephen (1906-1941) Aged 35
Notley William James (1921-1941) Aged 20
Notting William Walter (1925-1941) Aged 46
Phair Charles Edward (1905-1941) Aged 36
Randall Frederick Edwin (1878-1941) Aged 63
Shirley Norman John (1924-1941) Aged 17
Short Joseph Marfleet (1918-1941) Aged 18
Sparkes Reginald Albert Dash (1898-1941) Aged 43
Stovey Henry George (1878-1941) Aged 63
Webb William George (1878-1941) Aged 63
Wilcox Austin George Joy (1891-1941) Aged 50
Wilcox Edgar George Bennett (1922-1941) Aged 19
Williams Herbert Stephen (1915-1941) Aged 26
Young Herbert Charles (1881-1941) Aged 60

(Please note that Barnes, William Martin date of death does not correspond with the bombing date)