Support Us

One of the ways we encourage people to feel part of St Aldhelms is to give financially. As Christians, we are encouraged to honour the Lord by giving what we can afford and St Aldhelms relies purely on the generosity of those who attend to meet the financial demands of being a large, growing church.

We take seriously the fact the people give, often sacrificially, to enable our ministries to grow and develop and so a Finance Team sets and monitors the budget for each year, reporting regularly to the church leadership and annually to the wider body of the church.

We particularly encourage people to give regularly, directly through their bank enabling us to plan spending across the year.

We also encourage those who pay tax to complete a Gift Aid form which enhances any giving by 25%.

There are a number of funds running aimed at different parts of our spending so why not see how you can get involved with this invaluable part of your church?

Living Stones Appeal

St Aldhelm’s Church Council are committing to a significant fund raising drive with the target of raising an additional £240,000 during the next five years by three means;

1) our own fund raising

2) by reaching out into the community

3) by looking for matched funding.

The “Living Stones, Building Foundations for the Future” appeal launched on 2nd December 2012, exactly 120 years after the consecration will be a challenge but we are confident that this is not only the right figure but is also the right time to be issuing this challenge on behalf of your building and community.

In addition to your support, both financial and practical, this appeal will be an opportunity to suggest and organise your own fun and challenging events. With every penny going towards this target lets rise to the challenge and build these stones anew.


Did you know there are many ways to donate to St Aldhelm`s Church?

  • Regular Direct Debit – To ensure we can cover our regular expenditure please consider donating regularly using a direct debit.
  • Weekly Donation – You are welcome to leave occasional donations in the weekly collection.

Any donations can be treated in confidence and don’t forget if you are a tax payer a simple Gift Aid declaration allows us to claim back the tax at the basic rate, free money!

Regular Giving

Making a commitment to regular financial support, helps…

  • to sustain parish clergy in post serving communities like ours

  • to sustain the work and mission of the church with young families and in our schools, and to care for the ill, lonely and bereaved and the elderly members of our communities

  • to sustain our church building – a place of worship at the centre of the community open for regular services, for major festivals and community events, and for those important family occasions in our lives – baptisms, weddings and funerals

  • to sustain a Christian presence to promote the values which matter in our local community and society

A commitment to giving on a regular basis…

  • is the most effective way of ensuring a regular income for our church

  • enables the Parochial Church Council to plan ahead and budget with confidence

You can give by Standing Order or Weekly Envelope…

If you already make domestic payments by standing order, using the same method to give to the church

  • helps you to plan your giving as part of your normal expenditure

  • keeps your giving up to date if you cannot be in church for any reason

  • avoids the desperate last minute searches for cash to put in an envelope

Giving On-Line

If you prefer to do things on-line you can donate via the Just-Giving page (